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Tineacide Antifungal Cream
“Ladies/Gentlemen: About a month ago I bought a bottle of Tineacide and it performs miracles. Thanks much.” Roger
“I am just so happy I have my toenail again! After my doctor said any over-the-counter product would work I tried and failed with other products. Your product is amazing, I used it for 6 months consistently twice a day and now I am proud of my feet and toes again. Consistency was the key. I can’t thank you and your product enough. Now all I need to do is get my husband to use it.” Sarah
“Only because prescriptions haven’t worked for 5 years to cure toe nail fungus did we try this product. It isn’t an overnight cure, but the prescriptions that we have tried over the years haven’t worked at all and were way, way more expensive. After about a month’s use, the nail suddenly started to get better. This is remarkable compared to the other prescriptions that have failed. Don’t buy this product and think an occasional use is going to cure your problem, but if you are prepared to use this every day you will see results. I am so pleased.” Fred
“I have had the product for a month and can see results occurring. If used as prescribed you will see results. I recommend this product, I have had the fungus for about 10 years and nothing seemed to work.” Frank
RevitaDERM Psoriasis Treatment
“RevitaDERM Psoriasis Treatment is the best over the counter product I have ever used. Cleared up my Psoriasis in about 10 days. Thank you. This product is fantastic!” Joel
“Better than anything the doc gave me.” David
“The product works great purchased it for my wife for her legs and it relieves the pains. Its the only product we have found to do the trick for her.” Jesse
“Amazing product, works well every time. Immediate and lasting pain relief. Thank you…would highly recommend. Also, no bad or lasting smell.” Eloise
“I really like this stuff because you don’t have to spend an hour rubbing it in.” Donald
“I loved this product. It worked rather quickly. I purchased a tube for a friend, however, it did not work as well for him as it did for me, I believe his pain is deeper than what the gel will do for him. He has a very, very old football injury and probably requires surgery. But I love the gel and so will you.” Maria
Dr. Blaine’s Complete Scarcare Kit
“Ok, I have spent a ton of money, tried everything out to no avail . This stuff is a miracle, it really works. Excellent for breast lift scars, -c-sections. It really stays on and diminishes the scar with-in days. Scar care is the best on the market. Don’t waste your money on the other ones.” J.Sandford
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