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I have had the product for a month and can see results occurring. If used as prescribed you will see results. I recommend this product; I have had the fungus for about 10 years and nothing seemed to work.

Frank G. | Austin, TX

Tineacide Antifungal Cream

I have been using Tineacide Shoe Spray for a while, but I absolutely LOVE the new plumeria scent. It’s very light but much better than the previous scent. I use this for my twin boys’ soccer shoes. Very grateful for it!

Cynthia V. | Spokane, WA

Tineacide Shoe Spray

This product is fantastic. My psoriasis looks 80% better and hurts incredibly less with just one week of applying. I am so happy and confident to wear short sleeves and shorts. Also very thankful that you sell Psoriasis Formula in packs on Amazon, I will be using this product for years to come.

Michael H. | Fort Wayne, IN

Revitaderm Psoriasis Formula

I’ve been using urea cream that is by prescription, but this product has it beat. It comes with a nice pumice stone and brush that really increases the effectiveness for scrubbing off hard skin. The cream is very luxurious, nice feel, smell and the combination is right on. I’ll continue to buy this!

Terry G. | Wichita, KS

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